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    Women and Madness

    Witches. Wandering wombs. Yellow wallpaper. Ecstatic women. Silenced women.

    An angel in the house. A madwoman in the attic. 

    For centuries, designations of madness denied women their social and sexual power. Let's give it back to them by understanding what 'madness' really means. 

    Our work

    Kate Symondson


    Here’s a little bit about me to reassure you that my independently run course is not independent of academic clout!


    I have a PhD in English Literature in the field of Modernism from King’s College London.


    I have years of experience teaching undergraduates in the English Literature department at KCL. 


    I have a couple of chapters in academic books (on Modernism).

    I write for the Times Literary Supplement, Apollo, the British Library ‘Discovering Literature’ website, and The Conversation.

    Contact and Booking

    Watch this space for the next course....




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    Kate Symondson

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