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The Art of Protest

a short cultural course that explores acts and activists, art and artists that explode convention in the name of achieving change

‘The Art of Protest’ is super-charged with today’s swell of anger and activism and is rooted in humanity’s long history of wanting to be heard. We will explore different expressions of protest – from the noisy to the silent, passive to violent. We will open up the multitude of fronts upon which protest is fought, and account for the many platforms that have been shut down.


We’ll look at art that incites protest and art that precipitates change. From the homemade signs of a grassroots movement to complex works of artistic genius, we will examine the crucial role that creation plays in breaking and remaking the status quo.  We will question the ethics of protest, revisiting social movements that sit uncomfortably and unclearly in our cultural history. Lesser heard voices will be heard and long-forgotten names will be spoken, as we give fresh voice to the protestors and protests that have been imperative to progress.

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