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"Kate - thanks for such a brilliant course, I'm gutted it's over. I'll have to go to the gym now on Thursdays, which is no where near as fun as drinking wine and talking about literature!"

"I have enjoyed this course more than I could have imagined. Beautifully designed, thoughtfully and engagingly led, Kate manages to keep a disparate group of people on track while also encouraging us to explore our own interpretations. Everyone's contributions were recognised and valued. All in all one of the best things I've done so far this year." Rebecca J.

"Kate's facilitation was superb and subtle: she took the role of an equal amongst equals whilst using her research knowledge and teaching skills and experience to develop the members of the group as critical readers, capable of articulating our individual appreciation and arguments, and enriching our lived experience of London. Thank you." Rosalind P.

'A great course that allowed me to fuel my passion for literature (whilst drinking wine) a great combination. I have also discovered some writers I hadn't come across before. I highly recommend this course.' Jess P.

"I feel the course has given me a sense of reading as an active experience and creative activity...It has also introduced me to texts that I wouldn't have expected to pick up and which I found that they could teach me and draw me in...I have come away with an increased sense of London being 'us' (rather than architecture or history which might be foregrounded in the case of comparable world-class cities)."

"I adored this course. It felt like a mash-up of your favourite course at university with a wickedly clever book club. As a Londoner and a reader, I heartily endorse it."Laura K.

"Having studied literature and often missed critical reading, I truly enjoyed the weekly themes and dissecting well-chosen pieces with like minds." Sarah D.

"Being new to London, the course has given me many perspectives in which to see the city and the city seems much more intimate than before. I thank you and the entire group for making the sessions so enjoyable." Priyanka K.

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