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"The fundamental issues raised in this fun and fascinating course - about gender and power relations, sanity and madness, the changing codes of behavioural norms - will stay with me and continue to provoke me to carry on reading and questioning. My experience was that the texts and our discussions around them merged amazingly into a seamless conversation between ourselves, the writers of texts and the characters in the texts. Kate facilitated expertly and subtly, and she generously imparted her knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, writers such as Virginia Woolf and Jean Rhys. This course was just such a completely wonderful way to enjoy an evening in the company of like-minded Londoners in the calming environs of a city farm!" Rosalind P

"I was sad when the course 'Women and Madness ' drew to an end, as I had enjoyed every aspect of it. The selection of texts, the on-line lectures and other supporting material was excellent and the discussions they provoked exciting as well as sensitively moderated. Any school report can only conclude: 'Kate can't do much better!'"

"Thank you Kate for five weeks of bookish splendour – the course has thoroughly exceeded my expectations, and has proved to be a truly Dr Frankenstein-esque experience for my literary faculties, awakening parts of my critical brain that I didn’t even realise were dormant!" Emma G.

"I deeply enjoyed the course as it gave me exactly what I was looking for: new interesting readings, bright discussions, a new insight on old readings.. so all in all thanks so much. I really enjoyed the course, the company, the background readings and the extra reading." Stefania P.

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